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Comment on "Connecting Users with Developers at Macworld"
by vioccc — Jan 07
I won't be there (but anxously waiting for Steve's annoucements before taking the plunge and buying my first mac) but that sounds like one hell of a great idea.

Actually, i've always wondered why software companies never sent developers along with the marketing guys to these kind of events to be able to get feedback from their existing customers face to face. That sure would be a lot more efficient than web forums and emails and would create a much stronger link between a company and their customers. I've always been so frustrated to never be able to get any meaningful answer from these bloody marketing guys whenever my questions were about more than just feature list or prices.

What about organizing a pub meet as well? It's too late now of course and i'm not sure whether pub meets are as popular in the US as they are in Europe but that'd be a cool way to have a relaxed and informal feedback session between developers and users. But then, pub meets usually work best for existing communities and i'm not sure whether the format would work for what you want to do.
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