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Comment on "The Reasons for Leopard-Only Apps"
by turing — Jan 07
I see many developers talking about new applications that "just wouldn't be possible" without Leopard.

Could someone pose an example?

Every modern digitial computer is Turing-complete. Leopard isn't going to change that. From Wikipedia:

Turing completeness is significant in that every plausible design for a computing device so far advanced can be emulated by a universal Turing machine. Thus, a machine that can act as a universal Turing machine can, in principle, perform any calculation that any other computer is capable of (that is, if it is programmable). Note, however, that this says nothing about the effort required to write a program for the machine, the time it may take for the machine to perform the calculation, or any abilities unrelated to computation (such as communication or randomness) which the machine may possess.

So, it might be *very difficult* or require a great deal of time to do on Tiger or Panther what you could do on Leopard, but it isn't impossible.
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