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Comment on "Visualizing Bindings in Interface Builder"
by Jim Hillhouse — Jan 08
When OS X first reared its head, I would agree that Apple's developer documentation was...well, challenged. It wasn't that the dev docs were innaccurate or misleading, but they were certainly insufficient.

Apple, to its credit, has improved on this allot since 10.0.

But there are still gaps, as by gaps I mean not just explaining the arcana of say Cocoa Bindings, i.e. the rather full documentation of the principles of Key-value Coding, but also how to implement Cocoa Bindings in a few ways. And yes, Apple does have some sample apps that it uses to describe Cocoa Bindings in the docs such as Currency Converter and the Image app. But for anyone who is trying to figure out how to make a pull-down menu in a Cocoa App, one whose parts are implemented in code and not in IB, using Cocoa Bindings, those lil' apps are about as helpful in actually using this technology as a hole in the head. And the differences in implementing Cocoa Bindings in a Cocoa App vs. a Documents based app are not well documented or exampled, but differences there are.

Lastly, would someone from Apple's senior rank please authorize Developer podcasts, that is a series of podcasts on...say, Cocoa Bindings, Core Data implementation, among other subjects of interest to developers? I mean, come on, people at Apple should be looking at ways of leveraging Apple's own technology (read iPod and iTunes here) in getting info, documentation, and how-to's to developers. And what in the world possessed Apple's management to NOT deploy the WWDC sessions as videocasts? Just imagine how helpful THAT would be to developers.
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