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Comment on "Apple's Name Change"
by Rob — Jan 09
Ya, it looks like an Mac app will run on the phone, or with a recompile.

I think the name change means Apple is going to start making a lot of acquisitions and working for more business in Asia.

Notice the statement at the end, "I skate to where the puck is !"

Apple is going to go after the biggest markets it can find.

I was checking into China recently and found that it will take 10 years, from now, for the number of wealthy in China equal the number in Japan.

And wealthy means 61K in assets, the USA average, not wealthy, is 85 or 100K something like that. I think the average income is $1100 and they don't consider this poor.

I have been to Hong Kong you would not think the pay is so low after seeing HK.

But China does not have as much wealth as I thought they had, I guess the biggest markets are still at the city centers all over Asia especially in Singapore, Taiwan, and HK.
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