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Comment on "Apple's Name Change"
by Rob — Jan 10
"Umm. No. Steve is saying that apple will look to the future to deliver what the market wants rather than trying to simply sell to the market that currently exists."

Umm. NO.

Smart phones already exist, Apple merely made a smarter phone.

The iPod on the other was first delivered when the market for the players was uncertain and Apple nearly invented MP3 players, the same for Airport.

The chart they put up right BEFORE the quote from Gretscy showed that the cell market, the numbers, are BIGGER then any other electronics market !!!

So TVs are NEXT and maybe a low end phone, certainly cheaper Macs, probably solid state.

And notice he laughed at the game console market because it was so small, don't expect Apple to get involved with that -- iPods and iPhones will play games instead !

Although he did also say that is what Apple has always done which is not true at all, when the Mac came out the market wanted easy and reliable programming not easy of use for users.

Although if he said that is what they have TRIED to do, that would be more accurate I think.

Also notice that EVERYONE was bending over backwards to stress that they were cooperating and NOT merging or buying each other out.

Every time this has happened in the past the OPPOSITE turned out to be THE TRUTH !!!

It is almost certain many mergers are in the works, with the purpose of funding BIG server farms and new high speed networks or strategic fiber buys !

The world wants and needs faster more reliable connections and the number and HUGE !

So Apple will probably get its own unique kind of smarter search engine soon.

I also sent Apple a GREAT idea on how to get into the auctions market in totally new way, but it may take couple of years before will actually work, it requires RFID.
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