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Comment on "Apple's Name Change"
by Bill Coleman — Jan 10
I think a little history is appropriate here. At the end of the 19th century, one of the biggest industries were railroads. Today, while railroads are still important, they are not the huge thriving industries they were at one time.

So, what did the railroad companies miss in the 20th century?

They thought they were in the railroad business. In reality, they were in the TRANSPORTATION business. When new forms of transportation appeared (car, bus, airplane) these companies ignored them.

It harkens back to the Marconi company, as stated by Aitken in his book "The Continuous Wave" (a book on the early history of radio). I think I can quote it fairly accurately: "The Marconi company suffered from that disease which affects most corporations -- the tendency to cling to those technologies that first brought it success."

Apple appears to have the leadership to avoid this trap. Jobs doesn't think of Apple as being in the "computer" business, so he's not stuck in that paradigm. If anything, he seems to think of Apple as being in the "cool product" business. So, if there's a product idea pitched that's cool and fits with Apples core competancies, it will get executed.

Right now, Apple has two divisions: Mac and iPod. It would be interesting to know which divisions came up with the Apple TV and the iPhone. (iPhone is like from the iPod, Apple TV could go either way) Yet, I don't expect those divisions to stay static for the next 10 years....

As for Apple getting into the TV market -- I's speculate that this would not happen unless there's some kind of paradigm shift -- a new technology that other companies are slow to embrace. Apple's more likely to re-invent television by moving it out of the broadcast & cable industry, or by creating tools to allow one to create his own entertainment.

Who knows?

Of course, is anyone but me bothered a bit that they still call this show MacWorld?
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