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Comment on "Apple's Name Change"
by Rob — Jan 10
I don't why they didn't call it the iTalk, it would be much better fit, although they would have had to protect the name years ago -- when they started the project.

Any software or software based device that is HOT will be delivered at a price that is TOO HIGH for the first 6 to 9 months and if the price holds then longer and quantities will be restricted to maintain the price, otherwise the market is allowed to take over after that and its delivered in maximum quantities.

I would not expect Apple to attempt to restrict quantities but demand will do that for them in the first few months.

They not open the platform until after it ships and they can ensure there a no special security problems. Personally I would prefer the OS to able to recognize an iPhone to computer secure WiFi connection that is discrete -- two devices only when loading software.

I would think they should be able to do this but even if they don't have the OS identify specific types links and provide security for that they could still restrict applications and files with code when loading to this type of link and that would go a long way to creating good security.

And so after having shipped the phone for 6 months to a year then they open the platform to developers.

Remember Apple has never made a leap this big before, in the past they started much slower then this.

I think opening the platform is inevitable anyway because all future flash based or solid state computers will be very similar to the iPhone.

Now from a marketing standpoint there is a very good reason to ship computers with the small version of OS X, and that would because if they made them mean and lean then they could low cost solid state computers they have a very high price performance that would largely beat ALL OTHERS -- but they may not call them computers !!!

And then at some point a year or two from now ship the mean and lean version of OS X, for 10 to $50 for any old PC, even give it away. By diluting the market and confusing the PC only buyer with TOO MANY CHOICES Macs can Win !!!

On the other hand won't it be ironic if it turned that PPC is REALLY FAST when the hard-drive is replaced with Flash or RAM, much faster then, and so the low cost solid state machines go back to PPC, at least for a while !

This would only be true if Intel not really shipping the specs they have claimed, and IBM did seem to doing that kind of cheating themselves, but you never how these things will go until you actually do them.
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