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Comment on "Apple's Name Change"
by Rob — Jan 11
"Jobs is the saviour of Apple and our computing sanity. Who on Earth would want to get rid of him?"

In fact you could say he saved the entire industry by saving them from themselves, their self imposed mediocrity -- and I like to think I may have helped a little too !

But YOU don't have to work with him every day and maybe that is not a problem maybe he just wants a break.

And maybe HE and the board are worried about his dominance becoming so great he can never leave without destroying the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

If he does not begin to share his power soon the dark side will begin to creep in, that has already started with the options thing.

If that was really how it appears, Jobs and friends playing a weird little trick on everyone so that when Apple goes under he will still have billions and live on to build computers another day -- well he should have had more faith !!!

Jobs has become a true to life Captain Kirk, as such they should change the name of the iPhone to myCon !!!
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