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Comment on "Apple's Name Change"
by David — Jan 12
Well, it's official. Straight from Jobs himself.

The iPhone is a closed platform, more like the "iPod". It's not a Mac.

He leaves open the possibility of external developers doing something with it, but only under Apple's control. i.e. you sell a product only through iTS (or it gets bundled) and it has to fit with Apple's business plans.

The justification for this is that you don't want to load software on your phone and it "stops working". After all, that's what happens to us every day when we install apps on our Macs, right?

Hold on a minute, didn't Jobs also trumpet OS X as being secure, robust, modern? And now he's telling us that Apple can't afford for an app to bring OS X its knees?

If this was MS that released the ZunePhone, I'm pretty sure a lot of the folks around here would be calling this for what it really is.
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