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Comment on "Apple's Name Change"
by Dan — Jan 13
I love comments that say things like "the computer is dead".

Dead... to who? I know older folks who still run computers with Windows 95. Does this sort of person care about next generation stuff like the iPhone? Most likely, not. The person that cares about the computer dying is the person trying to invent the next big product. But that in no way means that a company can't make any money selling older products, or even just support for older products (so long as people use them).

Nothing "dies". Dell is not going to immediately kill their computer division based on some moron's outrageously-accurate-yet-completely-pointless future prediction. Never going to happen. So why even say such crap as "the computer is dead"? Obviously it isn't- if dell is still making computers.

Maybe people will start making things different then a computer, since computers are less interesting to people then tricked-out cell phones.
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