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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by Ben — Jan 15
More than anything, they wnat the device to make calls and they want it to look slick.

I will follow up here and address Scott's actual topic by saying that I believe that 3rd party developers *could* provide some real value to the iPhone (value to iPhone = more sales of iPhone = profit!). iPhone will have a large installed base relative to any particular model of any other smartphone handset, which allows for greater developer gravity on the platform and more consistent apps. Apple will also presumably have a really clean and easy to use sync system for it, so even the less tech-savvy users may be quite willing to add little widgets to it if they are compelling enough, which is probably less intuitive on a WinMobile handset.

All that said, there is no reason to think any of that is to be expected on day 1, and lots of good reasons why it probably won't be.
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