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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by Jacob Kaplan-Moss — Jan 16
You can't develop code for iPod, either. Didn't seem to stop you from liking it and telling people about it.

Ah, but see -- I se my phone for a lot more than just listening to music and making calls. I upload photos to Flickr, SSH into servers in an emergency, play (lots of) games, sync my calendar with Google calendar every hour, and more.

You're right that openness doesn't automatically impress influencers, but the lack of openness on a platform that needs it, well, does.

(Aside: am I the only one who's completely flabbergasted by the lack of games on the iPhone? Even if I don't like the lack of openness, I can at least understand it... but does Apple seriously not get the size of the casual gaming market?)
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