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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by Scott — Jan 16
" iPhone will have a large installed base relative to any particular model of any other smartphone handset, which allows for greater developer gravity on the platform"

While I agree that the iPhone has the potential to expand the smart-phone market way beyond business and early adopters, it's popularity with consumers would make it a huge target for new and current mobile developers - many of which would sign up as first-time Apple developers. Although I'm sure there are some very talented developers out there, many of these apps would lack the look and feel, polish and design of the Macintosh and significantly pollute the iPhone experience.

Unfortunately, Apple would have a difficult time weeding out these developers, so it's all or nothing. We indie Mac developers get left out in the cold.

However, I'd still love to get my hands on a iPhone SDK - even if the resulting apps were limited my own personal use and couldn't be sold.
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