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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by Jesper — Jan 16
Two points:

I currently have a 'dumb' phone, although a very smart dumb phone, a Sony Ericsson Z800. (No, I don't use the 3G; I've had it for months and just got a 3G SIM card by accident.) My previous phone was a smart phone (Nokia 6600), but I didn't use any of those special features except for Opera, which I'm fairly sure I could download right now for the Z800.

The thing that people are getting worked up about is that *even in some reasonably dumb dumb phones, you can write and use your own software*. Sure, it's Java, but now that it's not in the iPhone, and now that we also write Cocoa, and now that OH MY GOD IT HAS COCOA... it didn't really matter that we never wrote one app for the current phone. (Although this may simply be a function of the developer tool proliferation: I was going to take a look at the J2ME API last night - I couldn't even figure out which package to download.)

The other point is that the iPod part of the iPhone will not run "iTunes" iPod games, ie those that you have bought, since even if they get a clickwheel up on the screen, it's going to be worse by far to play since there's a tactile difference between scrolling past the top and clicking "MENU" on it. I'm fairly sure it'll have games, but I'm kind of wondering what Apple's going to do with the 5G games now.
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