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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by Florent Pillet — Jan 16
There's this emotional thing with the iPhone that makes us want to develop for it -- or at least being allowed to. But most users don't care about adding software to their phone / smartphone / PDA.

I've been developing Palm software for 10 years and the trend we're seeing is that users, especially smartphone users, don't feel the need to add software to the product they purchased. Most of these devices are bundled with enough apps for the common crowd, and only power users and a small percentage of users are actively looking for third party applications.

Also, I think people are focusing too much on the term "smartphone", arguing that the iPhone is not one because you can't add software. From what we've been shown, the iPhone is smarter than most of the smartphones out there, and that's what counts to the end user.

Apple wants to provide and control a complete user experience for the iPhone. I'm sure there will be 3rd parties invited to the party, but you'll have to have good connections and a good product to bring to the table. In the meantime, smart developers will build remote applications with HTML / JavaScript with appearance and size tuned for the iPhone.
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