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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by Martin — Jan 16
If Apple invents a Smartphone, even "smarter" than everything before, they NEED to provide capability for developing third party apps. They NEED to add at least a JavaVM.

But my concerns are basicly related to the daily usage "as phone".

I am currently using a SE P910 and I really like the possibility to run e.g. TomTom as a mobile navigator. I also like to choose between three different browsers. It allows me to dial by voice, by using the jog dial, or by pressing a short key. It may possible to establish a call by using one hand with the iPhone, but after all the "revolutionary" UI always depends one much more "optical feedback". The P910 sports a mail client, syncs perfectly well with my iMac via BT. And - last but not least - I don't need to handle it like an egg!
Imagine you suddenly drop down such an iPhone... My gosh!

So far we've seen a phone with a revolutionary interface, melted together with an iPod. On the other hand we've seen the lack of a replaceable battery, the lack of a card slot to expand its memory, no UMTS, no GPRS...

No question, the iPhone will be a great success and the price is okay. But you should consider to get a second phone for daily usage. And don't forget to get an issurance for the egg! :-)
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