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Comment on "Odds and Ends for Jan 16"
by David — Jan 16
Re the Zune ad, it's quite beautiful. I have no idea what they're selling but hey... The little girl reminded me of the character design in One Man Band (the Pixar short that preceded Cars).

The Apple ads... I dunno. I may be getting old (ok, there's no maybe about it) but I'm also tired of slick ad companies selling gadgets to young people based on body image.

PC: used by slightly overweight geek frumps who spend saturday nights living it up on XBL. The bad cholesterol of geeks.

Mac: used by strategically slim, cool urbanities with just the right amount of geek chic to let other geeks know that it's really ok to be a geek (as long as you have money).

Yeah, I know it's just marketing, and I know marketing has sucked ever since the snake pimped some yummy fruit but, do we have to celebrate this sort of smarm, just because it's paid for an authorised by the Mothership?


re Aquatic Prime. Anyone care to evangelize one way or the other for this versus Sparkle?
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