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Comment on "Odds and Ends for Jan 16"
by Scott Stevenson — Jan 16
The all or nothing approach, eh? Seems a bit ... black and white ... Apple's ads are just as deserving of criticism as Microsoft's, or anyone elses for that matter
I have more thoughts on it, you said "do we have to celebrate this sort of smarm, just because it's paid for an authorised by the Mothership?" That doesn't really seem like a question to me as much as a statement. I prefer the discussion here focus on the positive as much as possible, so if it's not apparent how to do that, I try to make some sort of short comment.

I think your concern is really more about the television environment than anything specific to Apple, so it probably makes more sense to discuss somewhere else. In fact, if you go to Apple's site, pictures of humans are actually fairly rare. Most of the iPod ads are essentially anonymous.

I really appreciate having you here, and sharing your thoughts, but I think you'll find I tend to spend more time engaging in positive discussions.
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