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Comment on "Best Options for Dedicated Hosting?"
by Kyle — Jan 17
I recommend TextDrive. They have normal shared hosting, business hosting, dedicated, clusters, and now they have Solaris Containers.

They were one of the first, in fact I think THE first, host to support Ruby on Rails. They do PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

Depending on the plan you will get Joyent Core. What that means is that if you get a TextDrive hosting plan, you will get the equivalent Joyent Connector plan (email, address book, file sharing, bookmarking, and calendaring... collaboration suite so to speak) and the equivalent StrongSpace plan (SFTP, Backup, rsync, etc... essentially a strong file store).

I'd act immediately on the 3 Martini Lunch (business hosting for life) or the Mixed Grill (Shared hosting for life)... each of which include Joyent Connector and StrongSpace.

Check it out. Email me if you have any questions too.
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