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Comment on "Best Options for Dedicated Hosting?"
by Kyle — Jan 17
Peter. They do offer dedicated hosting. You'll have to contact them for quotes. They don't just let you purchase a machine without talking to them first. They are likely much more involved than your run of the mill "here's a dedicated box, have fun" hosting provider. From my understanding they maintain the system for you, hence the consulting before purchasing. Probably a bit more expensive too.

If you're looking for a dedicated server. I'd recommend a Solaris Container.. they're calling them Accelerators right now. You can purchase a container that is a server divided up. You get root access and they maintain the kernel and all the fun jazz under the hood, you control the software packages installed and all that. You're guaranteed at least a certain amount of the CPU time and ram. Easy to upgrade later if you need to as well.

I should say I've been with TextDrive for well over 18 months as a VC (lifer). Downtime used to be an issue, not as much so anymore. The server I'm on for example was up for over 100 days before an issue happened last time. It hasn't been down since and that was eh.. 30-60 days ago. They're switching the servers over to Solaris here within the next couple months and that should make things even better. Each container will have fewer users so downtime shouldn't hurt nearly as many people. Again, still shared, and they maintain, no root access on the shared plans.

As far as Joyent Connector is concerned. It's a great app. I use it for my business email and everything. I'm also very vocal on their message boards for features and bug fixes. I'm also the author of Joyrider, an OS X frontend for Connector, 1.0 release coming soon. I've got a tiny bit of inside info and the application is going to kick some serious butt in the future.

People will always find fault with a hosting company. I'd rather be with the TextDrive guys because they are right on top of new technologies and creating a path that wasn't there before.

Head on over to the TextDrive forums and look around.
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