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Comment on "Best Options for Dedicated Hosting?"
by Rob — Jan 18
I have been looking for a long time at hosts, have not gotten anything yet ...

... had a few sites in the past just from my ISPs and a couple Yahoo accounts ...

... but always seems to be the competative based on the specs.

Here is what they have now:

Preconfigured Premium Plan:
• 2x120 GB disk drive • 2000GB bandwidth • 2 GB RAM
• CPU power (Pentium® 4, 3.0GHz)
• Red Hat Fedora Core 4 OS
• cPanel unlimited control panel
• FREE! SSL Certificate, a $19.99 value!
• FREE! $100 Google® AdWords® credit* 1 month, just $273.92/mo

6 months, just $273.92/mo

12 months, just $245.88/mo SAVE 15%

24 months, just $236.53/mo SAVE 20%
Your Domain is Just $1.99 With This Purchase

OPTION 2: Build Your Own Dedicated Server!
• 120-240 GB disk drive • 500-2,000GB bandwidth
• Choose operating system, processor, RAM and more!
• Select New! Assisted Service Plan Option
• FREE! SSL Certificate, a $19.99 value!
• FREE! Up to $125 Google® AdWords® credit* Plans start as low
as $88.99/mo
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