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Comment on "Best Options for Dedicated Hosting?"
by Puyb — Jan 18
If you understand french, the service with the best value for money i know is Dedibox.

For 29 + taxes / month (about $46 inc. taxes), you got a Via C7 2GHz, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD server, with 100MBps bandwith with no restriction. You can install a lot of unixes like Fedora, Ubuntu or Debian.

The Via C7 is pretty fast. They have options like a second HDD for another 10. If you worry about the bandwith, its connected directly to the second largest french ISP's backbone.

For me, it's definitly the best value/money ratio.

(As you may notice, my main language is french, i'm not really fluent in english. I hope you understand me ;-) )
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