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Comment on "Best Options for Dedicated Hosting?"
by Scott — Jan 18
I'm currently hosting several large sites on a dedicated Linux box at Rackspace. If you're comfortable with a more hands-on approach, this is a relatively good solution.

Uptime is great and I can install anything I want, including ROR, Ruby Gems, Mongrel, etc. However, last time I checked, ROR is not officially supported, so you'd have to install it yourself, as I did. It's not dirt cheap, but it's a good value for the level of service and support you get, including two hour hardware replacement, etc.

My biggest complaint with Rackspace was migrating to a upgraded server last year. It was a huge pain.

I host my personal and business site on Textdrive. Haven't and any problems in at least 6 months. Very solid. While, I haven't had much time to explore Joyant Core and Strongspage services that are included with my account, both products look promising.

I'm seriously considering moving all of my sites to one or more Solaris containers (Accelerator) at Textdrive. You can find a data sheet and white paper on their Text Drive's Accelerator hosting at....
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