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Comment on "The Case for an Apple Photoshop Replacement"
by Alexander Peterson — Jan 18
I'd love to see a Photoshop and Illustrator competitor that meets the requirements I have above. It doesn't have to be Apple, either. But whoever it is, they'll have to be able to read and write current Photoshop and Illustrator files if they want people to truly switch.

I am afraid this sounds more like a dream. I fully agree with your Photoshop price issues - Adobe's products are really expensive and only drive people into pirate copies. I doubt Adobe will lower their prices especially having in mind that they are almost monopolists(no good enough competitor on the horizon).
But as you said yourself - there is Photoshop Elements that is a good alternative for those who are not professional designers. I am not sure about Illustrator alternatives but either way, hoping for an alternative(competitor) for Adobe's applications which will be able to read AND write their files is just... dreaming. This is just my opinion and only time will prove me wrong or right.
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