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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by David — Jan 18
Scott, I think we'll just have to leave the semantics argument as one we disagree with. It's not worth pursuing.

However, this bit has me truly stumped, and I'm sure it's baffling to the people who have disproved it through their own actions over the years:

I also can't really think of any prominent individuals who did full-time Mac shareware development.


Just for starters, Ambrosia made (and presumably still do) a healthy living out of doing exactly what you are describing. Andrew Welch is at least "prominent". Peter N Lewis has sold more than a million buckos worth of shareware, probably millions by now. Ditto the Lynch Smiths of Freeverse.

They may not be prominent bloggers, but they're prominent, successful developers who have made a living (and then some) out of shareware distribution, regardless of whether they use the label.

There are many others.
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