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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by Jussi — Jan 18

The iPhone interface looks like no phone UI I've ever seen, and it certainly doesn't work like anything else. What is it ripping off?

MyOrigo's MyDevice phone. I'm sure there are other products and work at universities that have been used as source for inspiration.

Here's a video of the MyDevice's interface, which frankly does seem quite similar to iPhone. Obviously it's not nearly as iterated and polished as iPhone but there's a lot that is familiar, almost identical. The device has some additional tricks Apple chose not to "get inspired of".

Here's a bit silly comparison made by some anti-fanboy (or MyOrigo fanboy but that's quite unlikely :)

Some history, MyOrigo was a small Finnish company that tried to come to the market with their innovative phone, MyDevice was introduced in 2003 and even sold in 2004 but it never succeed financially and the company went under in the end of 2004. AFAIK most of it's IP is currently owned by F-Origin.
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