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Comment on "Best Options for Dedicated Hosting?"
by Lee Joramo — Jan 19
Another vote for Rackspace. I have used them for over 8 years now. In 27 years of using computers, and 15 years of computer consulting, Rackspace is by far the best customer service I have every experienced.

Phones are always answered in a two rings by a human receptionist who routes your calls. Hold time seldom more than 5 minutes.

Normal support requests via the web are answered in less than an hour, emergency requests are responded to in under 15 minutes.

8 plus years and I have never measured a down time due to Rackspace. They have provided great sysadmin advice when I have required it.

Yes, they are expensive.

But I have a small web dev firm with myself (programmer, database, sysadmin), my partner (photoshop wizard) and one part timer (programmer tester).

Rackspace lets me sleep at night.

I had not heard of before the comments in this thread, being that they are a venture of Rackspace, I am very interested in checking out mosso. Due to my needs, mosso may not be a fit for everything, but it may be a better way to add some services.

Lee Joramo -
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