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Comment on "A Roadmap Through Cocoa"
by Ben — Jan 20
Yeah, it's a tough question because everyone's roadmap will be a little different, based on not only what kind of software you're planning to write, but also where you're coming from. (e.g. if you're a new developer, you'll need to spend a bunch of time understanding both C/ObjC and OO concepts before you can do anything useful. And if you're coming from another platform, you'll have to learn slightly different ways of doing old tricks.)

FWIW, the intro roadmap that worked great for me was going through the Hillegass book, chapter by chapter and challenge by challenge, which really gets you through all the fundamentals, and then studying the example Sketch app, which is a good primer on application architecture. (There still isn't anything in print for learning CoreData or CoreImage.)
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