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Comment on "A Roadmap Through Cocoa"
by Brian Gilstrap — Jan 22
I have to agree with Chris L's comments: "It was tricky to learn the idioms of Objective-C, especially KVC... Also it was very confusing to learn how to hook up objects to UI with Interface Builder..."

I have many (20+) years of serious development experience, including writing complex GUIs in Java. Before Java, I was doing C++ for five years of serious distributed systems development. I've been doing OO programming for over twenty years.

I want to use Interface Builder and key-value binding, since there is clearly a lot of power to avoid writing glue code. But I've found nothing that really pulls the concepts together in a good tutorial. Right now my biggest issue is knowing what can be connected to what in IB. Is there some crucial documentation that I've not found that describes the foundation classes in relation to key-value binding/coding?
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