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Comment on "A Roadmap Through Cocoa"
by Scott Stevenson — Jan 22
The best list I could find is this.
You wish that's all there was. :) I kid. The catch for Apple is that developers are constantly asking for more API to work with, so they have more to document.

In my opinion, the goal shouldn't be to get a comprehensive undestanding all of your options (at least not at first). To me, this is like somebody walking up and asking what all the options are for careers. I wouldn't even know where to start. I would need to have some idea as to what your interests are before I could make suggestions. Once you can give some sort of idea about what you want to do, it becomes much easier to make suggestions about how Cocoa and the related frameworks can help you do it.

I've always wanted to see something along the lines of what Sun produces for Java.
Do you have some examples? I'm open-minded to considering Sun has some good ideas here, but I'm not sure Apple and Sun really have the same sort of needs to address.
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