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Comment on "Do Consumers Want Indie iPhone Apps?"
by Startyger — Jan 23
Um... Doc Reader, ebook reader, rss readers, planetariums, astronomy GSM, remote controls(Serial, IR and Bluetooth) Bloodpressure managers, Spreadsheets, Powerpoint, games(2d/3d), Google Maps, ePocrates, Image Editors, personal walking direction type of apps, Log books and organization apps of all sorts, including: inventory, POS, Downloaded (and uploaded!), even "little black book" types of apps; restaurant menus, LOL also.. a mirror(.. never used it..) ..... yep interms of applications, Treo beats out and the pants off of an iPhone with no 3rd Party apps... and really isn't .... as smart. Yeah.. i want one.. but, i'd have to keep my treo too. .... please apple... don't drop the ball on this one... oh .. yeah.. and keeping minutes for meetings using a stylus... is a lot easier and faster than using thumbs on a tiny keyboard.... i guess a wireless keyboard is cool.. but, wow... that means i have to carry it around....
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