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Comment on "Apple is About the Mac"
by Mayo — Jan 26
I look at it the other way around. How successful would the iPod and AppleTV be without the Mac? Not very, the integration with the Macs (well ok, the OS) is the key here. I believe the same will be true for the iPhone. Where would you sync your contacts to/from if not your Address Book, achieving the full integration that is one of the main advertised features of the iPhone. If anything, I believe the new devices they put out that some call "not computers" (ie. consumer electronics) will be only strengthen the Mac side of the business.

As far as licensing OSX separately from hardware, I believe that would be one of the worst things Apple would do. It's one of the strengths of the platform and I believe OSX wouldn't survive very long if it were licensed out. It would just be a nightmare for support and all the end-users who expect it to work and behave like a Mac and Apple product.

And the name change? I side with the people who say "When was the last time you heard anyone say Apple Computers as opposed to just Apple?" Even Steve didn't call the company in full. And admit it, Apple Inc. just sounds way cooler than Apple Computers, Inc. It also may have something to do with Apple Corps, but I doubt that :)
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