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Comment on "Apple is About the Mac"
by Kol. Panic — Jan 26
The problem with the Amelio-era licensing was that Apple's only source of revenue at the time was the Mac business. Apple expected the licensees to concentrate on the low end, leaving Apple to sell to the pros. Instead, Power Computing et al saw the higher margins at the top of the product line and went at it, competing directly with Apple.

Now, Apple has other sources of revenue - specifically iPods, iTunes, and iPhone and who knows what else- and they can get out of the computer hardware business altogether.

The PC manufacturers have been drooling at the chance to get out of the Microsoft chokehold for years (regardless of Michael Dell's comments about shutting down Apple and refunding the investors' money).

As a Mac user and developer, I appreciate the thought and care that goes into the design of the hardware as much as any of you. As an AAPL shareholder, I think a pretty good business case can be made for restructuring Apple more along the lines of Microsoft.
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