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Comment on "Apple is About the Mac"
by clint — Jan 26
i think you have valid points but i just can't follow them to the same conclusion. ...Apple has other sources of revenue...and they can get out of the computer hardware business altogether. while technically true, like Scott said, why would they want to? If their Mac's were not making them any money then perhaps, but didn't Apple sell some 30% more mac's last quarter than the year before? they seem to be doing well there.

...a pretty good business case can be made for restructuring Apple more along the lines of Microsoft. while MS is indisputably a profitable and wealthy company, i'm not sure those qualities should make them a role model.

The PC manufacturers have been drooling at the chance to get out of the Microsoft chokehold[sic] for years. i agree but i fail to see how this is a good long term benefit to Apple. i don't believe people buy iPods because they are made by Apple, i believe them buy them because they are easy to use, and work seamlessly with iTunes. The hardware + software combo makes this possible. Why doesn't Ferrari just design the shell and interior of their cars and then license the design to Ford? Or maybe have Ford supply the parts.
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