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Comment on "Apple is About the Mac"
by Kol. Panic — Jan 26
Maybe it's a topic that will be worth revsiting in 10 years when the landscape has changed

I didn't mean Apple was going to get out of the computer business this this year or next, but maybe in five years.

Regardless of their attempts with OS X Server, Xserve and RAID, they don't seem to be making a real effort to get into the enterprise back office, and the MS hegemony on the office desktop will be obviously hard to break.

They've made great inroads into the home these last few years, espeically as iPod has captured mindshare. Even with that success, their market share hasn't grown much, and there are other threats to that market, the biggest being the gaming consoles. (Speaking of which, ?TV might evolve into a nice gaming deck in the future, with another nice revenue stream from game sales via iTunes.)

This all may never come to pass, but if the past few years is any indication, Apple can confound us all with a brash move. (Remember the week before WWDC '05, when all the pundits where saying the Intel transition would never happen?)
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