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Comment on "Apple is About the Mac"
by Michael Stroeck — Jan 27
As an AAPL shareholder, I think a pretty good business case can be made for restructuring Apple more along the lines of Microsoft.

So I guess you would have liked to be an MSFT stockholder during the last 10 years? *scratches head*

Microsoft has been branching out into hardware and services like crazy over the last years, and for good reason. Deep inside, every software-maker and other content-provider knows that copying is what bits are for, and once a critical mass of technology-aware consumers is reached, that is what will happen with them, without fail.

You have only three options: 1) Provide an experience that is so great that consumers actually feel compelled to contribute to its continued development. 2) Couple your software with services or hardware that are practically irreplaceable. 3) Impose artificial restrictions on your content.

Apple is currently able to do all three of those things, in all their businesses, and with most consumers' consent. This is an insanely great position to be in, why in the world would they give that up?
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