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Comment on "Apple is About the Mac"
by Adam Rice — Jan 27
that's why most high-tech companies don't last for thirty years.
Let's sit and and think about this point for a moment. It's pretty astonishing. Apple has been in the business of selling personal computers since the CPM days. Compaq can say that, I guess, but they've been through a major merger with HP. Apple remains un-merged. It's pretty astonishing. They must be doing something right.

I don't see the case for getting out of hardware. Forget about the "tight integration" of the OS and the box—at this point, that's probably not a big deal. The fact is that A) Apple makes a profit on their boxes, B) Apple makes good hardware, C) Apple's boxes provide good value for the money, and (most importantly) D) Apple knows that the boxes they sell you are capable of providing adequate performance for their OS.

Everybody harps on the fact that PCs are cheaper. This is a half-truth. PCs can be had more cheaply, but those are low-spec PCs. At feature parity, Macs are a good deal, and by enforcing a Mac-only policy, Apple is, in part, trying to ensure that you don't blame their OS for the fact that it runs like a pig on your hand-me-down Celeron box that your big brother had in college.
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