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Comment on "Apple is About the Mac"
by DaveD — Jan 28
As an AAPL shareholder myself, the _last_ thing I would want to see is Apple forego the Mac business. For instance, let's look at what happened 11 days ago....

AAPL reported 21.5 million iPods sold last quarter, soundly beating all projections of 14-18 million.

AAPL reported $7 billion in revenue, and $1 billion in profit. EPS was $1.12, again soundly beating the consensus of $0.78.

And their stock price fell nearly 9% the day after that. Why? Two reasons.... disappointing forward guidance, and flat Mac sales quarter-over-quarter.

If Apple were to suddenly announce that they were removing a product line that typically accounts for 45-50 percent of their profits, how do you think Wall Street would react?
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