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Comment on "Add an IP Address to Mac OS X Server"
by Nigel Kersten — Feb 01
ah. crystal clear what you meant once I actually read the sentence properly... :) My apologies.

Those lines from the official docs are right, but kind of miss the bit that explains why it is so I reckon.

It really does come down to ifconfig not communicating with configd, and so as soon as the Kernel Event Monitor tells configd that things have changed, configd then reverts everything back to the plist. It probably wouldn't be that hard for Apple to patch ifconfig so that it told configd what was going on, but I guess it's just not a priority.

We have an article on this up on

You can also use IPAliases ( man IPAliases.conf) on OS X Server to do this for some situations, but it's a bit flakey in my experience and networksetup is a better method.

Nice to see you branching out into some OSXS articles Scott, I've been appreciating your Cocoa work for a fair while now.
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