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Comment on "Does Ruby on Rails Scale?"
by Michael Stroeck — Feb 06
Bold statement or not, I don't think that approach will lead to anywhere, sorry. Scaling is one thing, efficiency is another. If you just throw hardware at problems, the thing will not perform. Programming is about tradeoffs but as energy prices are rising (and that's what they'll keep doing, at an increasing rate) using less computing power for the same output is a competitive advantage...

No need to be sorry ;-) I was specifically not talking about efficiency. That's more a function of programmer competence than anything else. Apart from that, efficiency close to the silicon (which you seem to be talking about) will increasingly be provided by the people who write the big frameworks, and those who map your requirements to a virtualized environment.

The point is, the vast majority of developers may soon not have much of a choice. They will have to abandon custom hosting environments and hand-optimized code and move into abstract frameworks and virtualization, or be overwhelmed by development and hardware costs. That's just my personal generalization of the trends I see happening over the next 5 years. You don't have to agree, obviously :-)
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