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Comment on "Apple on Music DRM"
by Mr eel — Feb 07
Certainly an interesting read. I found some of it amusing. For example the implication that the people clamoring for DRM-free music are just interested in piracy.

Also, I find the argument that since iTune Store customers have only bought a small proportion of their music from the store, there is essentially no lock-in to be… interesting.

Frankly I think that's a load of bully. An average is probably the worst example of statistics you can use. Not every iPod customer buys from the iTunes store — I certainly don't — and not all of those that do buy the same proportion.

The dude who bought 30k of music for example is well and truly locked in. Steve seems to be caught between his belief the DRM is pointless and a need to justify Apple's use of it up to this point.

It's also interesting to note that he didn't bother with any of the ethical arguments against DRM. I think he took the right tack in the case. I'm guessing his real audience for this statement is the major labels, so using a more practical argument makes sense.

All in all I'm glad to see him take this position and I'm hoping he has some sneaky plans to induce the labels to abandon DRM.

If that ever happens, me and my credit card will be paying a BIG visit to the iTunes Store.
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