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Comment on "Apple on Music DRM"
by Rob — Feb 07
I am unsure as to the full technical implications.

I am sure of the following, if the labels went DRM free:
iTunes would work with more players.
I could legally make more copies of the music for my own use.
The iPhone could share music with more devices.

Everyone could duplicate the songs like crazy so I wonder how lables and artists will make money ? But here is why I think Apple is doing this but I am unsure of exactly how it works out ...

By removing the DRM the security of the OS and indavidual responcibility now protects indavidual copies from end up on repeating servers like spam. Thus, the music labels may release DRM free for Macs and iTunes but NOT ON WINDOWs, especially in China and India where people think bootlegging is good for the country!? And since this is a HUGE market for the iPhone this would be a really good thing to sell more iPhones and Macs.
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