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Comment on "Apple on Music DRM"
by Scott Stevenson — Feb 07
@iPodJon: Try to download FCP without your serial number
I don't think most people would classify a serial number as DRM. You can take that serial number and your Final Cut Pro CD to any Mac and use it without authorizing the computer over the internet. Again, the real point is that most music is already DRM free.

When Jobs comes out and says he opposes DRM itself
I believe that's exactly what that this letter says. The fact that Pixar DVDs are not free of DRM is a separate conversation. First, it would be a bit much to take on both the music and movie industries at the same time, particularly given that most movie studios have not signed on to iTunes.

Secondly, Steve Jobs does not personally have distribution rights to the Pixar movies. They are the property of Disney. Jobs is on the Disney board, but he can't make such decisions on his own. Regardless, the point is that this is a huge step into the future. Expecting it to solve every single challenge in 2,000 words is asking a bit much.
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