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Comment on "Digg-Like Voting App for Wii"
by Marco Masser — Feb 14
I find it very interesting (for as long as I own a Wii, which is for as long as Dec. 8), that there are quite a few different channels on the Wii, the settings and the Wii Sports and Wii Play games that are all designed by Nintendo. There seems to be a concept behind all the different design styles, but they simply don't match exactly. When you look on the News channel or Weather channel, they are somewhat connected to the main settings (speaking of button design and that stuff) but they don't look the same. In the beginning, I was a bit annoyed because I thought they just couldn't manage to create a unified look. As time passes, I come to think that Nintendo tries to make the channels distinctable by simply seeing the design, not by reading what's on the buttons and in the text fields. Additionally, by not making every screen look alike, there's less boredom in using the Wii, it becomes more fun.
Now comes the interesting thing: Isn't all that somewhat connected to the intentions behind Disco, Cha-Ching and some interfaces that use CoreAnimation (the few I've seen...)? Make everything be a bit new, a bit exciting to use, a bit different, but still make it look so it fits in the whole design? I do think so and that's funny because Nintendo as a single company and the community of people who develop for Mac OSX (and Apple themselves) seem to come to pretty much the same results in terms of designing interfaces.
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