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Comment on "Digg-Like Voting App for Wii"
by Marco Masser — Feb 14
Richard, I don't seem to get your point. Yes, on the Wii you only see one application at a time, on Mac OSX you see a lot of applications at any time. As you mention it, Apple themselves are "experts" in look-inconsistency. Undoubtedly, Safari, Mail and iTunes are some of the most used programs on every Mac out there, but they don't look the same. They are quite the same to use, but they are all a bit different in terms of design (here, design == the way the look). And they are on the same screen oftentimes.
Still, the way of making every application look a bit different and all that lets you recognise it a bit better when looking at a random screenshot of a Mac or a Wii.
But imho, it doesn't really matter if there is more than one application on the screen or not (the Disco developers probably didn't design that interface and think it will be used throughout the OSX). The point is still the same.

BTW: how do I leave the URL field in the comments form empty? Just leaving it or entering a space doesn't seem to work...
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