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Comment on "Interesting Additions to TextMate 1360"
by StuFF mc — Feb 16
I might comeback here now and then and post about VS, since I just started an ASP.NET project. But... and I discussed about that when I Interviewed Scott back in January :

Being a Windows developer who started in VB 4's IDE, with all the bells and whistles of intelisense (that would be auto-completion in Xcode), I was always frustrarted when I had to do things like PHP or else, "just because of the IDE". I would guess, kind of the same thing as us, Devs who are used to Garbage collector and run away screaming for momm when they see "alloc" ;)

That said, I just started (today) to use TextMate (funny enough a few hours before I read this post) and I find it pretty cool. What really stresses my mind is that it keep on coming back: Developing for the Mac is as hard as using Windows (and Vice Versa). What I mean is the learning curve to Cocoa, but also the fact that without TextExpander (which I simply can't live without anymore...), TextMate (or SubEthaEdit, also pretty cool...), Complete Dictionnary, ... it's just not enough with "only Xcode :(

Anyways... One thing still needs to be said here... Before I started I was probably using 50/50 PC's and Macs (probably even more the PC), and now I actually have NO PC anymore at home :) Who needs it, I got Parallels, running in Coherence Mode and the only things I use for this ASP.NET project is VS.NET, the MS-SQL tool, and IE... The rest ? Browsing, emailing, finding files, ... Is all done within the "holly cat" :)
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