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Comment on "Interesting Additions to TextMate 1360"
by Boyan — Feb 17
Regarding MS Visual Studio and Xcode:

I am using both on daily basis . I work in games industry and projects I work on have milions of lines of code. For such big projects VS is unbeatable (you think Sony uses it for no reason?). Add "Visual Assist" plugin (even Allan mentioned it as inspiration for TextMate) and you have the best IDE ever (as far as C-like languages and projects go, I don't use .net, java, scripting languages etc). I use Mac at home, but I have to say - Xcode has a lot to learn from MS. From project-management features, to code completion.
It's true, the first Visual Studio .Net version was very buggy. VS 2003 and 2005 however are fantastic. I'd like to see Apple finaly putting their act together and at least copy the best features from VS if not implementing their own.
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