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Comment on "Objective-C, Ruby and Python for Cocoa"
by Scott Stevenson — Feb 20
@Daniel Jalkut: I think this statement would be much truer if you compared milk and chocolate milk. That is, Objective C is C with something added to it. Not a complex product of which C is merely an ingredient
I don't think that's as true as it once was, particularly if you consider the Objective-C 2.0 sessions from WWDC. There are some big changes in the runtime.

From an implementation (Apple) perspective, Objective-C rests on top of raw C, but from the developer-user's perspective, they're worlds apart. You can write plenty of Cocoa code without knowing what asprintf or wchar_t is. With that perspective in mind, I really do think the milk chocolate metaphor fits, but I realize that's just my view.
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