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Comment on "Objective-C, Ruby and Python for Cocoa"
by Jim Getzen — Feb 20
Regarding header files, I guess it's just me, my coding style, and the modest size of projects I've done, but having to switch back and forth between a source file and its header when I want to add/change a method or instance variable is inconvenient, not to mention other drawbacks (possible circular references, more file clutter, harder [for me] to debug errors). *shrug* Just a rookie's point of view I suppose.

Thinking about header files, pointers, and (relative) verbosity, none of those by itself is that big of a deal, but put them together and, well, it sure is nice to have choices that avoid them (and compile times!).

@Laurent: Yes, I recall that commercial obfuscator. Seems pretty expensive, but would probably be worth it in some situations. In the meantime, my strategy is to stick with Python where I need some source code protection. This is off-topic, but is that protection illusory? Is there a simple way to convert python byte-code files (foo.pyc) back into source code?
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