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Comment on "Objective-C, Ruby and Python for Cocoa"
by David Wareing — Feb 20
1. Mac application development revolves around Cocoa.

Well, Cocoa Mac application development certainly revolves around Cocoa...

It's about using the right tools for the job.

For a complex project, the time spent in the compiler soon becomes a big factor, and the formal restrictions of your chosen language, IDE and SDK start to limit what you can do, and when.

There are many tasks which are better handed off to a scripting language, where you don't care about object types, compile times and linking errors. If you want to sort a generic list, you really don't want to be making choices about list mutability or wondering whether the list is disposed of properly.

If performance is a concern, again, pick the right tool for the job. We've been embedding Lua for some years now, for real-time use, and it's allowed us to create more stuff, much faster, with fewer bugs. Competitive advantages beat language wars any day of the week. :)

It's also allowed us to create content within the running app, scripting solutions on the fly, thus minimizing the edit-compile-link-run cycle of doom.
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